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Harmonium You Love

Violins / Trumpets

String Instruments

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Musical instruments are generally categorised according to the way they are played – wind and string instruments, drums and percussions, and keys and synthesizers. Under wind instruments, you can find trumpets, shehnais, cornets, clarinets, bagpipes, flutes, pungis, conches, saxophones, trombones, bugles and harmonicas. Whichever you choose, rest assured you will definitely win your audience’s heart. As for string instruments, you can choose acoustic guitars, ukuleles, violins, mandolins, veenas, electric guitars and sitars. Whether you wish to pursue classical music, play western music, or create a fusion of both, these will definitely make it an interesting process. Drums and percussion instruments add a certain zing to your music, and that’s the reason adding them to your performance is vital. Some of them include tambourines, bongos, dholaks, triangles, djembes and ghungroos. Harmoniums, keyboards and shruti boxes fall under keys and synthesizers and are needed to support the music beautifully.