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Musical instrument in India is deep rooted down here with the mythological, historical, cultural, traditional and modern values of Indian people, music here is religion there is not even a single function and festivals that go without playing a musical instruments rich in varieties and types of instruments categorized according to the universal language of musical instruments ,do not have acute information who categorized the instruments but are divided into four categories chordophones(string instruments)aero phones(wind instruments) Membranophones (drums)and idiophones(non-drum percussion instruments).

Indian musical notes are the awe-inspiring and nail biting notes one of the most complicated and complete form music with seven basic notes that separates the octaves into 12 semitones the seven basic notes are sa,re,ga,ma,pa,da and ni which replace by do,re mi,fa,so,la and si.

However, the beats and notes are sometime varied according to the Indian sub continental cultures and traditions here folks songs and musical instruments in India are diverted as diverse cultures of the country, like musical instruments in Punjab prefer DHOLS a barrel drum that gregarious Punjabis played in their traditional festival called Vaishaki

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