SG Musical 7 Stops GS4 Octave Harmonium Reed Harmonium musical instrument Indian musical Instruments


Double fold bellow,two side carry handles, jaali frame on keys , finish lacquer, bass+male two reeds

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3 1/4 Octive – 39 Keys, Bass+Male Two Reeds, Finish Lacquer, 7 Stopper (5 Stops 2 Drones), Easy To Pump, Tuning 440 Standard Pitch, Easy For Carry, SG High Quality Instrument,Easy For Carry, Easy For Tune,Double Fold Bellow, Finish Lacquer,Total 39 Keys,Without Stops, Two Side Carry Handles, Jaali Frame On Keys, Keyboard Cover With Lock, A440 Pitch – Checked At Dispatch, Set Of 2 SG Musical High Quality Reeds: 1 Base + 1 Male = Rich Sound, Harmonium Dimensions: 22 X 12 X 10 Inches Approx. Air Leaks Are Checked For Longer Sustain, Professionally Tested.