Bulbul Tarang

Buy Bulbul Tarang online. Buy Bulbul Tarang for sale. Buy Shahi baaja sale. Bulbul Tarang also called ‘Indian Banjo’ is a popular stringed instrument. Bulbul Tarang simply means “waves of nightingale”. It is a set of strings that pass over a wooden board. There are some wooden keys similar to typrewriter keys, on the finger board. Strings are played with the right hand while the keys are pressed with the left one. The keys helps to change the pitch of the strings..

The shahi baaja (“royal instrument”) is an modified version of the Bulbul Tarang. The main difference between a Shahi Baaja and Bulbul Tarang is 12 additional unfretted strings which serve as a swarmandal (drone harp) instrument.

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