Our Tablas

SG Musical carries several styles of Tablas for the beginner and the accomplished player. Each set comes with a tuning hammer, cushions, covers, and in a carrying case.
The Standard Tabla Set with Metal Bayan and wooden dayan offers good craftsmanship and good savings. Both are tuned by lacing. A cylindrical carrying case is included.
Our Bolt Tuned Tabla Set with Brass Bayan has the standard wooden dayan paired with a deluxe nickel coated brass bayan. Both are bolt tuned, which makes changing the heads faster and can be done by the novice.
The Professional Tabla Set has a deluxe nickel coated brass bayan and wooden dayan. Both are tuned by lacing. A professional side-by-side fiberglass case is included.
SG Musical also offers a very attractive Tabla Set with Embossed Brass Bayan in gold color and nickel coated. Both are tuned by lacing.

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