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A harmonium is a keyboard instrument similar to an organ. It blows air through the air vessels (reeds), producing musical notes. The harmonium sounds like an accordion. It is easy to purchase harmonium online in India.

There are two sorts of harmonium foot-pumped harmonium and hand-pumped harmonium. In a foot-pumped harmonium, the player pumps a foot pedal which operates bellows that sends the air to the reeds.

A hand-pumped harmonium has a hand bellows that blows the air. It is used in music of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan and is also used in other Asian countries. In a foot pumped harmonium both hands are free to use the key board. In a hand pumped harmonium only one hand can be used. This harmonious instrument had very important relation with the history. Now it has become easy to obtain the lessons to play and buy the harmonium online in India and in other parts of the globe. It can be seen in many of the Bollywood films and many of the great musicians did play the harmonium and live shows as well.

Very skilled players pump enough air with one hand, remove it and play with both hands wherever necessary. It is used as an accompanying instrument in classical Hindustani music, Sufi music, bhajan singing, musical renditions of the classics and a variety of genres. Nomadic singers string it and wear it around their shoulders and go from village to village taking part in village fairs and festivals. Now you can also have the beautiful experience by purchasing the harmonium online in India.

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