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Indian Harmonium Repair and Maintenance


1: Do not leave the instrument in the trunk of your car or
outside.  Do not ever leave the instrument in sunlight.

2: Don’t allow children to hit the keys or over-pump the bellows

3: Don’t allow anyone to tamper with the springs, action
regulating screws,  or reeds.

4: Don’t turn the damper or drone knobs, as this will cause
air leakage. 

1: Keep the instrument in a cool (never below freezing) and
dry location. Use a cover or box for storage.

2.  Use the harmonium regularly, move all stops and play all keys.
This will stop the mechanism from jamming and reduce
reed corrosion.

3: Before you start to play, pump the external bellows to fill the internal   bellows until some pressure builds up. 

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