Esraj – History & Info

Esraj is an accompanying musical string instrument especially in Rabindra sangeet. In Hindustani classical music however, it has been used as a solo instrument too. Esraj is considered to be a modern invention of the Dilruba that was made and popularized by the Namdharis. The structure of Esraj – the stringed musical instruments, comprises a medium sized neck with 20 heavy metal frets.

The neck holds on a long wooden rack of 12-15 sympathetic strings. Esraj has four main metal strings which are bowed. The soundboard is a stretched piece of goatskin like that of Sarangi’s.. Sometimes Esraj also comes with a gourd attached to the top, either to strike a balance or for enhancing the tone. It is played with a bow, with the other hand moving along the strings over the frets.

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