Parts of Harmonium

Body – The body is the box that houses the various parts of the harmonium.  There are two basic styles.  One style is simply a box with everything in a fixed position (see above illustration).  Another style collapses down into a suitcase style of enclosure.  There are several collapsible styles; one is shown in the right hand […]

Buzzing or Dead Notes Harmonium

If something gets stuck between the reed and its holder (frame), the reed may not vibrate at all, or will make a horrible buzzing noise instead of playing the desired note. Fixing this can be somewhat involved and requires gently scraping the edge of the reed or the reed frame. If it is not a constant […]

Solving Harmonium Problems

The most common problems with harmoniums are sticky keys, notes which play even when the key is not pressed, rattling noises reeds. Sticky Keys If a key sticks down after being played, it usually is rubbing against an adjacent key. I have often found when moving from one chord to another if I drag my finger across […]

Harmonium Types

There are Some Kinds Of Harmoniums Baby Harmonium, 7 Stopper Harmoniums, 9 Stopper Harmoniums, Folding Harmonium, Scale Changer Harmonium, Artist Grade Harmoniums | Triple (3) Reed Harmoniums | Standard (Stand-up) Harmoniums |  Quadruple (4) Reed Harmonium | Professional Grade Harmoniums | Kirtan Harmoniums | Folding (Portable) Harmoniums | Double (2) Reed Harmoniums  | Delhi Harmoniums | Concert Grade Harmoniums | Calcutta (Kolkatta) Harmoniums | Basic Grade Harmoniums | Amritsari Harmoniums  Double Reed & Triple Reed Most harmoniums have two or […]


Musical instrument in India is deep rooted down here with the mythological, historical, cultural, traditional and modern values of Indian people, music here is religion there is not even a single function and festivals that go without playing a musical instruments rich in varieties and types of instruments categorized according to the universal language of musical […]