SG Musical 11 Stopper 3.50 Octaves Harmonium Free Pdded Carry Bag
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SG Musical 11 Stopper 3.50 Octaves Harmonium Free Pdded Carry Bag

Brand: SG Musical
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5 drones and 4 stops, play different banks of reeds. Mechanical coupler (plays 2 octaves with one stroke). Fixed keyboard, integral bellows, and dozens of sound combinations. Finish color and decoration style may vary from photo. The harmoniums are not meant to be played in concert like a mini organ. This is instrument was introduced to india by the british. It has been embraced and is now a truly indian instrument used as accompaniment in devotional songs. The reeds in the harmonium are tuned to sound well together, not necessarily with other instruments. As such they are not in concert pitch and are not meat to be. As with many indian instruments the key for the music is selected to best suite the vocals, or to set a mood. Traditionally, harmoniums are usually higher pitched if compared to the western scale. Harmonium tuning does not reflect the western scale and is not meant to. Disclaimer: shellac is very impressionable, no pun intended. During the long transportation from india the shellac finish becomes marred by the packing materials. These impressions are superficial and cosmetic. Impressions on the finish do not affect the playability or sound. Therefore we do not consider such impressions as blemishes or defects. (package of 3)


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About SG Musical

It's nice of you to take the time to get to know us better. Here are some things about us that we thought you might like to know. SG Musical is a global company with interests in businesses that focus on musical instruments, established in 1981. Our products are well known for best quality and melodious tuning.

Sgmusical objective of easily available to anyone who had internet access.We have different variety of Indian musical instruments like - sitars, harmoniums, dilrubas, tanpuras, taus, rababs, Sarods etc we also deal with western musical instrumets. We strive to produce and source very high quality music instruments.Almost all our products are sourced from India and are prouced by master craftsmen.

We love Indian music and we are trying to make sure that anyone who wishes to use an Indian music instrument should be able to afford a high quality instrument. We strive to achieve our mission by providing the Indian musical instruments at a very affordable price.